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Certified Comparator Products provides a full range of optical comparator solutions - from a 14" benchtop to a 30" side-screen comparator. Their optical comparators combine rugged design, superb software, and cutting edge technologies to help you control the quality of your manufacturing. CCP also offers 3 levels of Certified PreOwned Optical Comparators that are inspected and calibrated by A2LA accredited personnel.

CCP's TruLight all-LED illumination, with variable intensities, is available on all benchtop optical comparators. The ergonomic controls are at your fingertips so you can complete your applications fatigue free. CCP's EdgeScan automatic edge detection is an internally mounted unit that automatically locates shadow edges. Since it is internal, it does not obscure the viewing screen and it ensures accurate, repeatable edge measurements from every user. The system does not require frequent calibration like externally mounted units do and the system retains its calibration over long periods of time, saving you money. EdgeScan truly scans for edges and can be told to seek a single edge or automatically scan for the perimeter of an ID or OD.

The new electronic overlay package eCAD consists of software and internal comparator hardware and allows a CAD model to be projected as a profile tolerance band onto the comparator screen. eCAD prevents the painstaking process of creating accurate overlay templates, removes the need for endless recertification of overlay templates, and avoids the cost associated with a design change. eCAD allows you to easily see all the critical areas of the part as on the screen and the overlay follows the movements of the measuring stage. Move the worktable and eCAD will project multiple color bands to show if the part is in or out of tolerance. Change the magnification and the eCAD image will automatically update and track the magnification change.

Certified Comparator Products procures, remanufactures, and certifies optical comparators. CCP has the world's largest inventory of PreOwned optical comparators – calibrated and certified by A2LA accredited service personnel. View CCP's inventory of PreOwned optical comparators here.

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CCP offers a complete range of New and Pre-Owned optical comparators to help you control the quality of your manufacturing.


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