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OGP has provided state-of-the-art optical comparators since 1945. That tradition continues with the new Focus family of Contour Projectors. Focuses are rugged benchtop units with 14" or 16" viewable screen diameters. Their extensive list of standard features makes Focus best in class.

Focus offers all-LED TruLight illumination – a world first, truly innovative technology in contour projection. A high-brightness monochromatic green LED backlight is standard on all models. Focus, Focus Advance, Focus5, and Focus Specialist are available with additional TruLight illumination options.

All models include the Q-Check Digital Readout. Its geometric processing power will make quick work of tough measurements. A range of options makes it easy to configure Focus for your specific requirements. Choose a single magnification manual system for quick checks or add the magnification lenses you use most. On Focus, Focus Advance, or Focus5, add the joystick controlled motorized worktable for fully automated CNC operation. Projectron automatic edge detection and eChek metrology software are other popular options.

Available on specially configured OGP Contour Projectors eCAD is an industry-changing software/hardware package that sets an entirely new standard in optical comparator measurement. This new electronic overlay package consists of software and internal comparator hardware that allows a CAD model to be used to project a profile tolerance band onto the comparator viewing screen. After you line up the eCAD projected image with the part image on the comparator screen, eCAD uses multiple tolerance zones from the CAD file to instantly show whether the part is in- or out-of-tolerance. The projected eCAD image follows the part image as you move the worktable. Just drive the worktable around to inspect the critical segments of the part, while eCAD shows you what is within tolerance, and where you might have problems. Change magnification and the projected eCAD image automatically rescales for that magnification.

Not sure which comparator to choose? Check out OGP's on-line Contour Projector Selection Guide.

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OGP has provided state-of-the-art optical comparators since 1945. This innovation continues with TruLight™ a world first all-LED illumination system for contour projection.


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